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Mid-Size Truck/SUV


Full-Size Truck/SUV


Carte Services

Standard Oversize
Seat Cleaning $30 $40
Leather Creme Care $45 $55
Hand Wax & Paint Sealant $35 $45
Carpet Cleaning (w/o mats) $35 $45
Mal Odor Treatment $10
Buffing & Waxing Custom Quote

Wash Services

Standard Oversize
Interior Handwash $40 $50
Extra Cleaning Services Custom Quote
Rubber Floor Mats $5
Rear Cargo Rubber Mat $5
Carpet Floor Mats $8
Rear Cargo Carpet Mat $7

What We Do

Need a quick wash? Or do you need massive car cleaning with interior cleaning, coat waxing and tire shine? We are equipped with the best washing equipments that will make your car pretty in just a few minutes. Want your car to get a shiny look? Our team will take care of that!

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Wash Packages

Basic Wash
Basic wash
Interior vacuum
Interior dash & door wipe
Hand prep
Towel dry
Super Wash
Wash plus…
Clear coat protectant
Wheel bright
Tire shine
Deluxe Wash
The Wheel Deal plus…
Triple foam polish
Fragrance (optional)
Brilliant Wash
The Works plus…
Dash, doors & consoles
A thorough cleaning of dash, doors & consoles with compressed air & detail brushes

Featured Works

Immer Handwäsche

Immer Handwäsche

Ihr Fahrzeug wird ausschließlich von Hand und nur mit besten Pflegemitteln gewaschen.

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Detail – verliebt

Detail – verliebt

Ob Innen- oder Außenraum: kein Detail wird übersehen. Verlassen Sie sich zu 100% drauf.

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Full Service

Full Service

Egal wie Ihr Fahrzeug zu mir kommt: sie werden nicht enttäuscht sein. Vereinbaren Sie einen Termin.

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What our Clients Say

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